Build Smart
in minutes.

The MetaWear platform is
the complete solution to
build Wearable devices.

The MetaWear Platform

Add Intelligence to your Products.

MetaWear is a Certified Bluetooth Low Energy Platform:

  • Packed with sensors
  • Micro form-factor
  • Wireless Updates
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Multi-month battery life
  • Simple open API
  • Modular design

Smartphone Powered

Build a production ready device powered by a mobile App.

Control the MetaWear board from an Android or iOS device:

  • Get Accelerometer motion data
  • Read ambient temperature
  • Control ultra-bright LEDs
  • Detect user input
  • Vibrate a motor
  • and more...

License Firmware

License fully functional Firmware Solutions to turn the MetaWear platform into a polished product.

Bring Smart quality Devices to market fast and affordably.

Upgrade your devices so they are compatible with the Internet of Things.

Open Android
and iOS API

Control the MetaWear board through the Bluetooth link using our simple mobile MetaWear API.

Download documentation and code from Github.

Sample projects and example Apps are available to get your started.

Made with
Wearables in Mind

MetaWear has a tiny form-factor that fits any application.

Integrated hardware, software, and a robust API enhances your product with intelligence and flexibility.

This platform is cost optimized and easily manufacturable.

The MbientLab Promise

MbientLab helps your business scale with customized solutions.

Get answers, example Apps, CAD enclosures, and more through our community of experts.

Order a board from our store to get started or contact us if you have questions.